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Menopause Resources

Menopause is normal and should not have any stigma attached. Even with the challenges aging presents, women can implement sound strategies to feel, look, and perform at our best. As you learn about menopause and how to control the controllables, you can understand how to work with your changing physiology to feel and look better inside and out.

The More You Know

At this stage of life, it’s not enough to follow someone’s advice about weight or longevity. We want to know why things work. By incorporating the nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle strategies from our Calm the Chaos course, as well as implementing positive shifts in mindset, you can take concrete action to minimize symptoms of menopause.

Insulin resistance is one of the primary reasons women gain weight, especially in their midsection, during menopause. There are ways to decrease insulin resistance, most of which you have control over.

As hormone levels fluctuate and eventually decrease, it sets the stage for increased insulin resistance. Excess sugar, processed foods, and low muscle mass drive higher levels of insulin. 

High insulin levels are a key driver of inflammation, insulin resistance, and weight gain. Insulin directs food/fuel storage telling fat cells to shrink or grow.

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