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The Calm the Chaos signature 8-week digital program helps women manage menopause by controlling the controllables. CTC will help you identify and manage your inflammation, insulin resistance, sleep, and stress - the factors contributing to why we suffer during menopause. Learn how you can incorporate the right nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle strategies to minimize the most disruptive of menopausal symptoms. 



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Neon Hello

Week 1

Meet the team, learn the fundamentals of insulin resistance, set your goals

Organic Vegetables

Week 2

 Learning where your calories come from and how that influences weight and inflammation

Spaghetti on Fork

Week 3

Build habits to optimize nutrition, begin meal planning, food prep, and convenience hacks

Fitness Ladies

Week 4

Incorporate detox strategies, hydration, and physical fitness plans


Week 5

Understand the effects of sleep and stress, plus tips for managing both

Confident Curvy Woman

Week 6

Focus on the digestive system and how to improve/prevent GI issues

Hands on Stomach

Week 7

Improve your understanding of gut microbes and hormone balance

Vintage Cookbook

Week 8

You've got this! Create your Meno Pod and stay engaged with us to continue fostering your growth mindset

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