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Change your life in just 8 weeks!

Join CTC for the inaugural launch of the signature 8-week

Calm the Chaos | Manage your Menopause digital course

In just weeks, you’ll have the tools to identify, approach, and manage your inflammation, insulin resistance,

sleep, and stress - the contributing factors to why we suffer during menopause.

Learn how to incorporate the right nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle strategies so you can

minimize menopause symptoms. 


Class schedule:

Tuesday, September 5 - Tuesday, October 31, 2023​

Neon Hello

Week 1

Meet the team, learn the fundamentals, and set your goals.

Workout Friends

Week 5

Organic Vegetables

Week 2

Take a deep dive into carbohydrates and insulin resistance.


Week 6

Connect the dots between stress, breath and digestion.

Spaghetti on Fork

Week 3

Begin meal planning, food prepping, and hacking. Optimize your nutrient intake to support your goals.

Confident Curvy Woman

Week 7

Focus on the digestive system and how to improve/prevent GI issues


Week 4

Get the skinny on detox and hydration for optimal success.

Vintage Cookbook

Week 8

Conclude with a mindset shift that includes healing and supportive food recipes for nourishment.

Recharge your metabolism with sleep and physical activity.


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